Answered By: Anthony DelRosario
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015     Views: 2820

When you swipe your Splash Card at a Pharos Omega terminal or Pharos Station PC you'll be presented with your account balance - that balance is your available Print Credit plus what you have available in Tulane Debit. Print Credit is a separate pool of funds on your Splash Card. Pharos is configured to debit funds from your Print Credit until it's exhausted then begin pulling from Tulane Debit.

Wave Bucks can only be used for food and is a separate pool of funds.

When you deposit money on your card from the machine in the first floor lobby next to the elevators, those funds are added to Tulane Debit.

Click here to see where else you can add money to your Splash Card.

Also remember that print credit cannot be used on copiers. You could use a scanner and then print to a printer to use your print credit.