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Determine the floor on which the call number is located. 

Next, look at the signs on ends of the shelves to find the call number area you need. The signs indicate the range of call numbers you will find in that particular row. Find the general area, such as the Ns. Then look for the specific area, such as the NAs. Use the signs to find the row where your book is located.

Read the call numbers on the books in the row to find the book you need.

How to read a call number
Books are arranged alphabetically by the initial letters in the call number. N, NA, NB
The numbers after the letter or letters are read numerically, as whole numbers.  1, 2, 3 ... 101, 102, 103 ... 1001, 1002, 1003, etc.
The letters that follow the decimal point are read alphabetically.  .B, .C, .D.
The numbers that follow the the decimal point are in decimal order. .67, .6751, .75
The four numbers at the end of the record are the publication date. 2008

NA105 .B84 2009 is next to NA 105 .B87 2004.